About Nowy Targ Relax Zone

Nowy Targ Relax Zone 2018

Project name:

Nowy Targ Relax Zone (NRZ) – development of the Biały Dunajec River embankments


Short description:

This project involved the development of part of the Biały Dunajec embankments and creation of a beach spot for recreation purposes and solitary contemplation. The embankments along the Dunajec are one of the most favourite sites for Nowy Targ residents to meet, walk around cycle routes and enjoy Nordic walking.

This project promotes active and healthy lifestyle, which fits into recent social trends. The development of this area is also included in the City Growth Strategy.


The NRZ project was divided into two implementation stages.

The following works were carried out within stage one:


  • A barbecue spot with outdoor tables and benches
  • Gravel paths
  • Gravel workout zone
  • Beach volleyball sand court
  • Grass beach
  • Small architecture elements
  • Mini playground ship
  • Fencing


Stage two targets:

  • Arbour erection
  • Workout zone extension
  • Outdoor gym
  • Deckchairs
  • Changing rooms
  • Monitoring devices
  • Lighting


The project was welcome not only by the local community but also recognized nationally. In 2017, the NRZ was awarded the second prize in the social category of the third edition of the Living Here Contest – smart ideas of a smart city, held by Napraw Sobie Miasto Foundation. The prize was handed out during European Economic Forum in Katowice.  The city took care of the NRZ promotion by creating and setting up a website devoted to the investment: http://naddunajcem.eu/



The investment which has been completed is innovative mainly in the social dimension, because it is closely connected with local community activation. It was the residents of our city who initiated, created and subsequently promoted the effects of the innovation. Due to its recreation-sport-education character, our investment encourages the development of local social capital. The NRZ meets the needs of all age groups and builds intergenerational relations.

It is also a place which gives occasion to start, develop and maintain closeness, support and understanding between multigenerational users, especially in the times when face-to-face relationships are decreasing despite common social media interactions.


Building trust:

The common welfare which is the creation of the NRZ  for the local community clearly shows how much wanted the investment was. This is a symbolic momentfor all he residents whose dream came true, because there appeared an exceptional place in the city space which is so vibrant and alive. In the nearest future there are going to be held a number of cultural, recreational and sports events. The place is also an ideal spot to meet people and make contacts. Consequently it has a considerable effect on fostering closer relations among people. Geographic location of the city in the vicinity of 4 National Parks (gorczański, pieniński, tatrzański, babiogórski) contributes to the potential of tourism development  in Nowy Targ, and thus making the city more attractive to potential investors.



  1. Idea

The main objective was to make an original and new site in Nowy Targ, the capital of Podhale, which could show an interesting way to use local resources, i.e. the area at the Biały Dunajec River. The major aspect was to promote the city as an outdoor recreation centre and encourage and facilitate multigenerational reading activity.


  1. Implementation

The organization of the area made the city more attractive. Nowy Targ got another spot on the map, which has become a picturesque, easily accessible and popular site of relaxation and family entertainment as well as solitary contemplation equipped with a bookcrossing spot promoting reading.


Sustainable growth:

All activities undertaken in order to implement the project will be carried out away from natural habitats and protected animal and plant species. The intended undertaking is therefore not related to the nearby conservation areas and is not a direct or indirect threat to such areas.

Away from the centre, situated in natural surroundings and overlooking the Tatra Mountains, with bike roots within reach, Gorce at the Biały Dunajec in seems to be a perfect location  for various social groups at all ages to meet, rest, do sport and relax and thus, and is thus a project that prevents social polarization.